Surely, you all know that feeling when someone has a sharp object in his pocket and sit on your couch. A small slit appears but it doesn’t mean the end of the world.

There is a way to fix it and then it will be undetectable. For that purpose, you will need circular sewing needle, strong string that matches the fabric colour and last but not least, a part of your precious time and some patience. Here is what to do:

  • Take the circular sewing needle and use it to make a thread. Pull it through the needle so you will double it. In the end, knot the threads together. You’d better work with a foot of thread on your needle. In case the piece is too long there is a high probability to have some problems with tangled thread. It’s very important to remember that upholstery sanitising extends the life of your furniture. So if you run it regularly you probably won’t need to fix anything;
  • Start at the end of the rip, insert the needle on the inside and pull it through. So the knot will be on the inside of the fabric so it won’t be visible;
  • First, insert the needle in the rip and poke it through the fabric, with a weaving motion. Pull the needle through and after that insert it through the rip. Poke the needle on the other side. The sewing pattern you will make will be very much like you lace a shoe. You should remember to make little stitches;
  • Go on with sewing your rip to end as you make the stitch as tiny as possible. When you are ready with that, you have to pull the thread tightly. At last, make a stitch as you pull the thread through the fabric a few inches from the tear. After that, cut the thread as close to the fabric as you can;
  • Pinch the fabric on the place where you cut the thread. Pull it so that the ends of the thread disappear in the couch.
  • As we’ve mentioned earlier disinfecting is essential. When you’re done with fixing the sofa, you should start some cleaning carpets procedure. So you can avoid any future problems and save some funds.