In the end of the summer somehow we need refreshing. Not that the holiday wasn’t refreshing, but going back to working/school mode calls for something fresh, like alcohol-free Mojito and this calls for home renovation.

Don’t even bother to search for colors; the right one is already here – mint-green. Don’t think of that strong grass green of the plant; rather think of that soft, milky shade of a mint candy or a bubble gum. Get some ideas where to implement this inspiration:

  1. Refresh the living room. Paint the walls in this light color and every time you enter it will be like biting from a candy. You can also add matching aroma candles that will bring even the scent in. Be careful with rooms with north exposure because being part of the cold spectrum, mint-green tends to “cool” the premises.
  2. Bring it in the bathroom. Mint-green is perfect for bathrooms standing on the verge between the green coast and sea bottom. This gives you a range of areas for the experiment – mint-green tiles that will give nice background for the white bathtub, shower, and sink; even just green toiletries and bathroom curtain can bring in the freshness you seek.
  3. In the bedroom, you can use this shade not only on the walls but also in the upholstery and the rugs. Choose different patterns and textures to bring diversity into the fabrics and the look of the room. Mint green best suits metal furnishing or wood no matter if it’s dark or light. Be careful with choosing the carpets.
  4. Ancient ones put on the wall, new ones on the floor or warn the steam carpet cleaners to be extra careful with these items. Mint green is a quite rare color for carpet, so you don’t want it to be damaged.
  5. The kitchen also can take some mint not only in a cooking sense. If you like painted counters, mint is one vivid replacement of the sanitary white. Another option is replacing the wall cover with glass tiles. They look classy and shiny at the same time, they are easy for maintenance and your kitchen will look like sixties piece of jewelry just in a bit without much effort.
  6. Your corridor is the first thing you see getting home. It shouldn’t be dull or boring. Once you enter you should feel safe and welcomed and the mint-green can do that little magic for you – use it as an accent on the wall with contemporary painting in mint-green and blue or choose counter to store your “last stand” items before going out and if you have space chairs here are not forbidden – one mint cushion will make you sit for a little relax and affordable cleaning services can take care of your whole home while you enjoy a Mojito in the nearby bar.