It doesn’t matter if you receive guests or you just love serving the dinner to your family in an intimate and lovely way, the table decoration is essential. Ornamenting the dining set or the kitchen table is also great, if you want your house to look charming and welcoming all the time.

 In short, the decoration of a table creates a sense of warmness, snugness and charming air, which eventually spread across the entire house. And it is completely impossible for you and for the entire family not to feel it.

Get a bunch of original ideas for table decoration right away and inspire to settle some fascinating atmosphere for your living environment:

  • Cheerful colors – if you don’t have material at hand, bright and patterned napkins can do a great job. Match them with a bucket of fresh flowers and set in retro Chinese porcelain.
  • Add candles to the dinner table. You can insert them in cottage-styled jars or arrange them in the shape of a heart. Bamboo stalks can perfectly fit the candles. Put them in three or four oblong vases and set a stylish minimalist dining table.
  • Sincere messages – when you lay the table for the guests, don’t forget to show them how important they are for you. Place a piece of sheet with a message on each of the tables or leave a small bucket of garden flowers.
  • Create a lovely mess – spread colorful splinters all over the table and add to the small bowls with grapes or lemon slices. Another idea for beautiful chaos on the table is to scatter with satin ribbons, nuts and ceramic figures from your personal collection.
  • For the traditional tea time, we recommend you knitted baskets full of cookies, small poetry books, fresh berries, and lucky charms!
  • Match the menu with the decoration style. Seafood suits to duckweeds, blue crystal items and vessels full of water. Solid meal courses can be served with decorative wooden sets of utilities, mini mats and fresh fruits. Vegetarian menus should be ornamented with eco-styled decors and natural green plants.